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ewlarson546@yahoo.com, 419-908-7044, http://www.mikriscoop.com.html
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Intensive Gardening Made Easy with MiKris Systems


Our garden systems are incredible! Anyone can become a green thumb gardener. With the right intensive-garden system, whether it is our Mikris Cascade Garden ™, or Mikris RBG Raised Bed Garden ™, or Mikris Vertical Wall Garden ™ (Green Walll) Wall Gardens, Mikris Hen House System ™, Mikris Extended Season Cascade Garden ™, Mikris Mini-Dome Greenhouse ™ you will get maximum outputs.

We excel if you have small spaces, because our garden units will fit on your patio, deck, or on the roof. Mikrogro tm is our complete growing mixture featuring vermicastings, the ultimate compost. Combine it with our garden systems and add water some sunshine, and git 'r done!

As an old time gardner, I can assure you that this is a painless way to grow your own food - and plenty of it. I would like to invite you to join our co-op so that you can enjoy a special discount on everything we make.

My name is Dale Larson. I am the inventor.

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