OARDC - Feedstock Processing Research Facility

Contact Information: 
Jack Bardall, Manager 2605 Selby Road 330-263-3765 bardall.1@osu.edu
Support Type: 
Community Asset
Geographical Work Area: 
  • Producing research feeds as requested by managers, technicians, students, and faculty. Presently working with 237 different rations.
  • Delivering bulk feed to animal facilities at Wooster, Columbus, and the Outlying Branches (Coshocton, EORDC, Southern, Jackson, Western). Bagged feed is delivered to Columbus and Outlying Branches, and picked up at the Feed Mill by Wooster based livestock units.
  • Assisting faculty, staff, and students with developing feed ration formulas and procuring feed ingredients not normally in the Feed Mill inventory.
  • Assisting animal facility managers with feed handling problems.
  • Receiving grain from plant science research departments that is a byproduct of field research projects.
  • Transporting supplies, vehicles, equipment for all academic departments and Facilities Services to and from various locations where feed trucks make deliveries.
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